Asseco Insurance Suite | Highlights & Benefits
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Highlights & Benefits


one solution for all insurance processes

StarINS is process-oriented instead of product-oriented, i.e. it contains a rich toolset enabling to define any line of business, even very specific products, without need to make interventions into the source code of the application. Products are designed and configured via GUI. The configuration toolset of products consists of definition of user-defined parameters, insured items and risks, validation and calculation formulas, tariff tables and other auxiliary objects.

Clone and inheritance capabilities for reusability of product elements is one of the features making the product setup easier and quicker.


Life & Non-life

Complex solution for all lines of business


High level of parameterization enabling system flexibility: Online definition of insurance products via web UI; Clone and inheritance capabilities, reusability and user-defined calculation and validation formulas

Workflow builder

The management of business processes

Multi * features

Multi-country, multi-entity, multi-currency and multi-language solution

Centric views

Centralized views from perspective of Partners, Policies, Claims and Agents

Agent and client portal

Mobile based Portal Solution integrating online and offline into ONE Solution

Integrated DMS

Efficient work with electronic documents

Business process-oriented

Process-oriented instead of product oriented, rich on business process optimization tools

Integrated Centric Views

Partners, Policies, Claims and Agents

  • Comprehensive information on one single screen in an unified structure
  • 360 degrees of view showing exposition to surrounding objects such as
    • billing and collection
    • claims
    • reinsurance
    • indicators and statistics
  • Active links to detailed views
  • Embedded graphical elements
  • Interconnection of centric views
  • Implemented indicators, statistics, notifications
  • Open tasks and correspondence

Example views

StarINS Suite Business Architecture


Comprehensive solution for all lines of business of Life and Non-life insurance segment

Lower operational costs due to the solution’s self-sufficiency capability

Sales force enhanced by mobile based portal solution

Fast time-to-market capabilities thanks to powerful product configurator

Future-proof via constant development by stable team of experienced consultants

Affordable. Flexible. Comprehensive. Be invited for a demo session!